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Full Stack Approach

Celo Layers of Technology

Each layer of the technical stack is designed to meet mobile user needs.
Send or Request stable assets easily with anyone in your address book, powered by decentralized phone number verification
  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Mobile ultralight client
  • Exchange between stable assets and CELO
  • QR Code Support
  • Mobile first SDK
Core Contracts
Designed to support an ecology of stable value currencies. The first stablecoin, cUSD, tracks the value of the US Dollar.
  • Algorithmic reserve-backed stabilization mechanism
  • Crypto-asset collateralized
  • Native support for multiple stablecoins
Open source smart contract platform built on decentralized infrastructure.
  • Proof of Stake based consensus with high throughput, low latency, and zero carbon
  • Incentives for serving mobile devices
  • On-chain governance

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Platform Features

Stable Value Currencies
Native support for multiple ERC20-like stable currencies.
Phone Number Public Key Infrastructure
Mapping of phone numbers to addresses to facilitate user experience.
On-chain Governance
Protocol changes managed via on-chain governance.
Self Custody
Users have access to and control of their account secret keys.
Proof of Stake
Permissionless consensus algorithm running on decentralized infrastructure.
Very Fast Sync for Ultra-light Clients
Block headers optimized for fast mobile phone synchronization.
Gas Payable in Multiple Currencies
Option to pay transaction fees in stable currency.
Programmable (Full EVM Compatibility)
Programmable smart contract platform compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine.

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Alfajores Testnet
Try out the Celo Protocol and Celo Wallet. Build dApps for the Celo platform.
Add Alfajores Funds
Top up your wallet on an existing Testnet account
Learn about the technology behind the Celo Protocol & Celo Wallet

Contribute To Celo

There are a variety of resources to support contributions to Celo, including: grants, security bounties, an Ecosystem Fund, fellowships, and more.
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