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Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone

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Developing innovative ideas to help their communities prosper in Mexico
Earning Celo Dollars via microwork in Kenya
Growing businesses with the Celo Platform in the Philippines

Benefits of Celo

Mobile-First Blockchain Platform

Global Impact
A mobile-first approach that provides the opportunity to positively impact 5.6B smartphone owners globally
Solving Community Needs
Supported by a mission-aligned network of technologists, international NGOs, and organizations committed to building an inclusive financial system
Usability-focused tech innovations
Technology innovations allow Celo to truly work across devices, carriers, & countries

A Gift of Heart: For Value Flowers

Art inspired by the spirit and mission of Celo

Digital money powered by a two asset system

Symbol for the Celo cUSD Currency


cUSD (Celo Dollars) are a stable asset that follows the US Dollar. With cUSD, you can share money faster, cheaper, and more easily on your mobile phone.
Symbol for the Celo native asset (CELO)


CELO is a utility and governance asset for the Celo community, which has a fixed supply and variable value. With CELO, you can help shape the direction of the Celo Platform.

Develop mobile dApps on Celo

Explore, build, and ship ideas for your community using Celo’s developer tools.
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