We see a world

where creators and founders reshape local economies.

We want growth

of local economies to regenerate global ecologies.

We build products

that create the conditions for prosperity — for everyone.

We are Celo.

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Learn about Celo's Layer-1 Blockchain and Community

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Celo is a fully EVM compatible proof-of-stake layer-1 protocol, featuring a fast ultralight client and built-in seigniorage stablecoins, collateralized by crypto and natural assets.

Millions of people around the world already benefit from assets and applications built on Celo.

Community in Action

Taking action against climate change with the Climate Collective

Building community commerce with Kickstarter


Enabling financial access with DeFi for the People

 Scales with Celo Assets

Building for climate change

Creating the world's first carbon-negative blockchain was just the beginning

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Earth Day, 2020
Smart contracts for a smarter reserve
World, meet Celo, the world’s first carbon-negative layer-1 with a climate-change objective native to its design, currencies, and reserve.
May 23, 2021
Community fights climate change
Celo community allocated .5% of the Celo Reserve to MC02, a high-quality carbon credit asset, with Moss.
October 6, 2021
Tokenizing the rainforest (yes, really)
Meet the
Climate Collective
, a community effort to fight climate change by tokenizing carbon sequestering assets.
Your Story Here
Ready to regenerate our world with regenerative economics? We're just getting started.
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Building for community in Brazil

See how the community took cREAL from idea to reality

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Meet Celo Real (cREAL)

On December 15th, the community voted to add cREAL to Celo’s growing family of platform-native stablecoins. Named for the currencies they algorithmically follow, cREAL now joins cUSD and cEUR as the third stable asset built by and for the communities they serve.

Comece a usar seu cREAL no Brasil

Local and Regional Exchanges

Compatible Wallets
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Ripio logo in white
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cREAL is also available on the Celo dApps you know and love

AriswapValora | Defi WalletPoof | Privacy
Mento-Fi |  Celo ExchangeMoola Market | DeFiCelo Wallet
Good-GhostingCelo TerminalSymmetric Exchange
Ubeswap | ExchangeHey MateCelo.Tax

We are Celo
and we build for the real world.

~100,000,000Total transactions
5sAverage block time
796Days carbon negative
$0.001Average gas fee

Stable Value Currencies

A growing family of user-friendly stablecoins like cUSD, cEUR, cREAL, USDC, and more, accessible via mobile and desktop devices.

Full EVM Compatibility

Popular Ethereum tooling and full support for ERC-20 like tokens make it easy to port dApps over.


Permissionless consensus algorithm powered by decentralized, carbon-negative infrastructure.

Phone Number Mapping

Authenticate users by mapping their phone numbers to public keys to enable seamless mobile-first experiences.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Build applications that enable cross-chain communication across a growing number of compatible chains.

Low and Multi Currency Gas Fees

Option to pay transaction fees in stablecoins means sending and spending crypto like everyday money.

Ready to learn more? Start with docs and Discord.

Anchorage | CustodyCustody

Meet the Ecosystem


Have an idea? Let’s make it real.

Get to know Celo

Devs can find bugs, boost security, and earn rewards as you explore Celo through year-round bounties.


Develop your idea

Connect, learn, and grow with founders and builders from all over the world with Celo ecosystem hackathons.

Learn from experts

Apply for Celo Camp, an eight-week boot camp for entrepreneurs and founders ready to take their next steps on Celo.

Make it real

Gain access to capital and partnerships with ecosystem contributors and projects.

Ready to scale? Let's jumpstart your growth.

Building for everyone

People are online and on their mobile phones

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People on Earth

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Mobile Phones

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Mobile-first Blockchain

Defi for the people. Build on Celo.

By 2025, Celo will make DeFi accessible to 1 billion people around the world.

Mobile-First DeFi for everyone.
Logo of RabbitHole with an image of a rabbit coming out of a hat
logo for Sushi defi app
Logo of the Symmetric app
Logo of Curve. Curve image has a rainbow granite effect
Logo image of GoodGhosting with an image of a ghost.
Logo of Resource Finance in all white

Building for prosperity — for everyone

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Since the launch of mainnet on Earth Day 2020, the ecosystem we call Celo has become so more than a technology, a reserve, a currency, a community, or even a layer-1. Celo is a vision, a mission, and a movement uniting communities across Web2 and Web3 to create the conditions for prosperity - for everyone.

Distributing global aid with Valora and the Grameen Foundation

image of a woman in a store, smilling.

Making UBI accessible to anyone with impactMarket

Impact Market logo in blue with white text
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