Global payments infrastructure built for mobile

Thousands of organizations and individuals are developing, growing, and governing Celo, an open-source platform that enables anyone to build borderless applications

The Platform for Mobile DeFi


Hyper-efficient light client and full node incentives allowing for scalability to 6 billion smartphones. Full EVM compatibility making it easy to get started.


Growing family of native stablecoins, like Celo Dollars, which follow the value of fiat currencies. Pay transaction fees with stablecoins or your own tokens.


Users can easily send currency to any mobile number, enabled by Celo’s decentralized phone verification protocol, and get access to a growing ecosystem of global cash-in cash-out options.

Global digital assets powered by Celo


Named for the currencies they follow, Celo Dollars (cUSD) and Celo Euro (cEUR) are stablecoins that allow you to share value faster, cheaper and more easily on your mobile phone.
Symbol for the Celo native asset (CELO)


CELO is a utility and governance asset for the Celo community, which has a fixed supply and variable value. With CELO, you can help shape the direction of the Celo Platform.

Develop mobile dApps on Celo

Explore, build, and ship ideas for your community using Celo’s developer tools.
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