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Celo is a decentralized, layer-1 protocol that enables anyone with a mobile phone to quickly and inexpensively access digital assets.


Celo has a growing family of user-friendly Mento Protocol stable assets—cUSD, cEUR, cREAL—all accessible via mobile and desktop devices, with no conversion fee.


Celo’s ecosystem of dApps brings DeFi to real people all over the world. Discover the diverse ways crypto is used like everyday money.

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Celo offers the business and competitive advantages enterprises need to not only scale, but also thrive.

Choose from several wallets on Celo or build and white-label your own mobile wallet app using Valora Wallet app technology.
B2B Settlements
Streamline the B2B settlement payment process for more efficient operations.
Payroll Management
A direct enterprise-to-worker payroll system enables greater efficiency, and speed, control of pay delivery, and more.
Debit Card Integration
Integrate debit cards to enable fast and easy payments.
Cross-border payments & remittances
Mobile payments and remittances anywhere in the world are fast, low-cost, and as simple as sending a text.
Build and launch NFT projects that create utility and value for people and the planet.
Crypto Rewards
Rewarding new and loyal users provides incentives that enhance the user experience and increase adoption.
Tokenization of Real-World Assets
Tokenizing nature-backed assets support regenerative finance (ReFi), which can make a significant impact on global carbon markets.

Power to [all] the people

The technology behind Celo’s unique financial infrastructure is why organizations like community-focused Kickstarter choose to decentralize on the Celo blockchain.

Fast, secure, mobile-first ultra-light client

Programmable smart contracts

Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

Over-collateralized Mento stable assets

Low fees payable in multiple currencies

Carbon-neutral and scalable

On-chain community governance

Open source, EVM-compatible, and interoperable

Celo is supported by over 120 companies and individuals

Here are just some of the prominent venture funds, c-level operators, academics, and experts across a wide range of fields who believe in the future of Celo.

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The Celo blockchain delivers the open source, trestles and permissionless infrastructure needed for the promising next phase of the internet.

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