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What is Plumo?

The SNARK to be secured by the Plumo Ceremony is one of the most complex yet powerful SNARKs to ever be secured. The outcome can be used not only by cLabs & the Plumo construction, but also by any project that uses the BW6 curve with the Groth16 proving system or any other based on polynomial commitments.

By participating in this Ceremony, participants can be part of something that is a public good, and will hopefully be used to power many more systems to come.

 For the Plumo Ceremony, we’re excited to award the following prizes, terms and conditions apply

  • Fastest Contribution (Desktop) 1000 CELO

  • Fastest Contribution (Cloud) 1000 CELO

  • Most Creative Source of Entropy 1000 CELO

  • Most Secure Machine Setup 1000 CELO

The results

Phase 1: The Powers of Tau

This phase is circuit agnostic, meaning that anyone who wants to build a SNARK circuit can use the outputs from this phase to bootstrap their SNARK circuit. This means that the output is a wider public good, which can be highlighted as a contribution from the Celo community to the larger cryptography community.

Download Coming Soon

Phase 2: The Plumo Snark

The second part of the setup, Phase 2, is more specific to the Plumo SNARK circuit itself. This phase will lead to the outputs that will enable proving SNARKs and verifying them. This is not a public good, and will be used specifically for Celo.

Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or tokens.

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