Recipient Resources

Congratulations on becoming a Grant recipient! The Foundation is excited to have you onboard and is committed to helping you bring your project to life. 


Before your first meeting your team should create three things:
  1. Top-level This provides the description of your project, goals, features, roadmap, and installation instructions. Required criteria:
    1. README that explains what the codebase does, how to build/install and test locally, and how to contribute
    2. Be open source under a permissive Apache 2 license 
    3. Examples or a working demo.
  2. Dedicated open-source repo. Ensure that all work that is being completed is regularly committed to a repo. Track and close issues.
  3. Update document. To make sure teams are making progress on projects, teams must send  regular updates to These updates help ensure your team is successful by allowing the Grant Committee to provide guidance if roadblocks occur and milestones get off track.
When creating your documents make sure you outline the following:
✅  Public Repo
✅  Twitter Handle for project (use the for helpful resources)
✅  Blog for project
✅  Team is on the & active posts at each milestone (at minimum)
✅  Schedule for posting on + +
✅  Schedule for community engagement (i.e. )


Since Celo is a decentralized platform, the Celo Foundation expects all funded projects to be open-source by default — this means that the codebase is public and under a permissive license (we recommend). 
If there are any parts that need to be kept private (e.g. an admin key), please let us know ahead of time (at, and document it in your project’s README.
There are many resources out there on building on Celo. Check out the Celo developer resources and reach out to your Mentor or the Celo for any guidance you may need.

Social Strategy

Part of the success of your Celo Foundation Gran is your communication with the Celo community and world. Use the following guidelines to ensure your project meets key milestones and deliverables.
Social Media Guidelines
Creating an ecosystem that supports and encourages each other is important to the Celo community. As a team, please make sure to actively engage in social media.
To make as big a splash as possible with your grant award, we recommend spreading the word on Twitter about the Celo Foundation Grant program, and the great work that you will be doing with Celo. Please encourage anyone at your organization, as well as any of your allies (investors, partners, associates, friends, etc.), to tweet about your Grant. 
Some social requirements that you must adhere to as a Celo Foundation Grant recipient are:
  • Publish at least one post per milestone. Post links to your blog posts, repos, etc
  • Follow @CeloOrg and @CeloDevs
  • Follow projects in your space and fellow grant recipients
It’s up to you how you would like to word your tweets, but here are a few elements you can incorporate to increase reach and generate buzz:
  • Use the hashtag #CeloGrants so you can join the conversation about the grant program
  • Incorporate some key messages:  
    • The Celo Foundation Grants Program is designed to support projects that are committed to building a financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity for everyone.
    • Fostering social impact and financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology. 
    • Enabling more people to use digital currencies in the geographies that need it most. 
    • Making it easier to move digital currencies around the world and create accessible financial tools on the @CeloOrg platform.
    • Bringing mission-driven organizations together to create a future where anyone can prosper. 
  • Provide a web link in your tweet to drive people to read and learn more about what you are doing. You can link to:
    • Your organization’s website
    • Celo’s Official Grant Announcement 
  • Mention Celo () either as announcing the grant program or as the platform on which you will be building or contributing to. This helps amplify your message and increases the likelihood for re-tweets. 
Each project should have a dedicated blog. Two suggestions are devpost or .
As a Celo Foundation Grant recipient you are required to write a blog post at least once per month/milestone outlining your progress to date (i.e. accomplishments and challenges). Include links to repos, demos, or social media. 
If using Medium, please share your Medium profile tag with so we may add you as a writer for the Celo Medium Publication
Here are some writing tips:
Every team is encouraged to be on the .
  • Make sure to ask questions in a relevant Discord channel. The cLabs protocol and product teams and many members of the community are all there and available for questions. Try not to take conversations to direct messages — by having conversations in an open channel, other groups can also benefit from the technical discussions and learnings. You can tag mentors in public channel messages to ensure your messages are seen. 
  • Make an effort to remain visible on and/or channels. These channels are dedicated to teams working on projects on the Celo ecosystem. There is a good chance someone has encountered similar challenges. It’s also a great way to find ways to integrate with other projects in the space.
  • Please make sure your entire team is in this chat room.
  • Post your tweets and blog posts so that other grantees can share social media.

Milestone Updates

Every Grant has a series of milestones that must be completed to receive payment. These milestones vary by project but could include elements such as:  Design, Develop, Test, Pilot, Launch. 
Once you have completed a grant milestone send an email to . Once received you will be prompted to complete a milestone form. The Grant Committee will then review to ensure objectives have been met.
Evaluating Success
Before the final payment, grants will be evaluated using the following framework:
  • Engagement: How well you follow best practices & engage with the Celo community
  • Visibility: Maintaining transparency on your project accomplishments and challenges
  • Roadmap: Ability to reference a list of commits that complete your roadmap
  • Timeline/Milestones: Ability to meet your timeline and key milestones
  • Launch: Successful launch
If projects do not meet their success metrics or obligations of the grants they may not be entitled to receive the full payment.

Submitting an Invoice

After your milestone has been approved by the Grant Committee you’ll  create and submit an Invoice using Request.Network.
  1. Make Sure the Invoice is addressed to
  2. Add our applicable Company details under the Billed To section:
    1. For US-registered entities Celo Foundation Unit 40132 1198 South Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94110
    2. For Non-US registered entities AP Grant Foundation Company PO Box 448 George Town Grand Cayman, KY1-1106 Cayman Islands
  3. For the Invoice Currency: please ensure that cUSD, cEUR or cGLD (CELO) option is selected.
Note: For your first invoice you must provide a (non-US individual), (non-US institution), or form (US individual).  This can be included as an additional attachment in
Payment timing
Payment is usually issued within 2 weeks of receipt of your invoice and your W8/W9. (Please note that it can take between 7-14 days for funds to hit your account for some fiat-based international payments). 
Any questions regarding billing please contact .

Office Hours

If you need additional support and would like to schedule a video call, please reach out to to schedule some time during our weekly office hours.