Welcome to the Celo GrantKit


The Celo Foundation GrantKit provides the tools for the Celo community to learn about the Celo Foundation Grant program, application process, and program administration. The Grant program is one way that the Foundation helps support and nurture the Celo ecosystem.
How to use this kit
This guide is meant for you to be prepared for every step of the Celo Foundation Grant program journey. By using the tools and templates you can make your project ready for the application process and understand what is coming at each stage. 
Important things to remember
Importantly, the Celo Foundation Grant program is not a source of venture capital funding. Applicants to the Celo Foundation Grant program are expected to have a viable product or offering for the community. If your project is fundraising you should consider applying to more formal funding streams such as the
Polychain Ecosystem fund
Shared norms and behaviors are the foundation of a beautiful community. As a participant in this ecosystem, support the effort responsibly and uphold Celo’s .



The Celo Foundation (“Foundation”) Grants Program is an open program that supports projects that are committed to Celo’s mission of building a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for all. The Foundation believes that by working together we can collectively help the world prosper. 


The Foundation provides entrepreneurs capital and mentorship to projects that are accelerating technical development and expanding the Celo ecosystem. It is an open program where anyone is encouraged to apply.
The Celo Foundation Grants program has 4 guiding principles:
  1. Transparency:  The Celo community has visibility into the evaluation process and decision-making framework. Decisions are communicated to the applicants. Most applicants will have the opportunity to to understand how they might improve their application, when possible.  All Foundation Grant awards are published to the community.
  2. Fairness:  Members of the Celo Alliance and non-members’ applications will be evaluated similarly. Celo Alliance members’ applications will not be given preferential treatment. 
  3. Openness:  The Foundation prefers open-source projects that benefit the community.
  4. Growth:  The grant program is intended to encourage development in the Celo ecosystem. It is not a source of venture capital funding. We encourage teams that are actively fundraising to apply to the or .


Do you have an interesting, viable product or offering for the Celo community? Are you seeking mentorship and capital? The Celo Foundation Grant program was made to help individuals building on Celo launch their product or service.
The Foundation understands that not all projects are ready to launch on Celo.
Idea ReadinessDepending on where you are in developing your concept or business plan on Celo we recommend exploring other opportunities before applying for a Celo Grant.
Hackathons & Bounties
& Accelerators
Investment Fund
If you are:
  1. Exploring what to build we recommend attending a and chatting with the community  on  
  2. Exploring product-market fit  we recommend an incubator such as  
  3. Looking for venture funding we recommend the  or
  4. Exploring community funding we recommend the
We encourage you to apply for a different method of funding as linked above.


The Foundation Grant program journey has 6 key steps to ensure that each project is successful. 
Step 1
Call for Proposals
Step 2
Application Submitted
Step 3
& Approval
Step 4
Formal Agreement & Diligence
Step 5
Milestone Review & Payments
Step 6
Launch & Exit Interview
Let’s talk about these steps in more detail.
Step 1: Call for Proposals
Here, your team should . Will your project be able to address one of the calls for proposal? If so you can apply .
Step 2: Submit your Grant Application
Take time to
. Refer back to the Grant founding principles and concentrate on how you will help create a more prosperous Celo ecosystem.
Step 3: Evaluation & Approval
Your application will be reviewed by the Grant Committee. If your proposal receives a positive evaluation, you will be invited to an interview.
Step 4: Acceptance & Denial Notification
All applicants will be notified if their application has been accepted or denied. If your application is denied, there will be office hours that you can attend to discuss your project and how to improve your application. If your application is accepted, you will go through due diligence and sign your formal agreement.
Step 5: Onboarding + Milestone Setting + Mentor Matching
Once all your paperwork is complete, you will be onboarded to the Celo Foundation Grant program. You’ll be matched with a Mentor and your milestones will be reviewed and set. It is time to get building!
Step 6: Launch & Exit Interview
At this stage, your project is ready to launch with a comprehensive communications/marketing strategy. You’ll “press play” and celebrate. Your final payment will be granted and your exit interview will be conducted.
Need some inspiration? See past grant recipients