Event Resources

Event Resources

Excited to create your first event? When planning a Celo event there are a few best practices to follow:
  • Find a co-organizer. Recruit a friend or community member to help you run events and build your community. Community management is more sustainable with help. And it’s more fun!
  • Get comfortable with delegating. As you recognize enthusiastic community members, invite them to help you with event organizing. An engaged community is a happy community.
  • Lead with your passion. Being a community organizer is sustainable only when we are driven by what matters to us. Stay rooted in your “why” for building community.
  • Welcome feedback. Be an active listener to member needs and interests. If you’re ever stuck on how to move forward, listening to your community will guide you forward. Direct your “why” towards serving your members.
  • Give your community a home. Having an online forum for communications and building relationships in between events is crucial to build and sustain your community. Meetup, FB groups, WhatsApp, Telegram, and google groups are all options for staying connected.

Quick Tips

  • Invite people to your event with personality and a personal touch - don’t just share the logistics of where & when, but share the why and make the event inviting.
  • Send post-event “thank you” notes to your guests along with a short feedback survey
  • Invite any newcomers into your online community - meetup, FB group, mailing list, etc.
  • Consider inviting a prior participant to help lead the next event. The more you can involve community members in event organizing, the easier it will be to maintain the community.


Planning your event doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are resources that the Celo Community has created to plan their own events. They are tried and tested so have confidence that by using these templates you can run a successful Celo event. These resources are living, breathing documents. We encourage you to add comments and additions as you learn from your own experiences. Remember to:
  1. Submit your event to the Celo Foundation so we can help promote it
  2. Connect with other Celo event organizers on our Discord #community channel.

Social Media

Promoting events using social media can help spread the word of your event and bring your community together.
For all social media related to your events, use the #prosperityforall hashtag and tag @CeloOrg for ease of finding and sharing with the Celo community. Check out
this document
for social media best practices.