Example Content

Example Content

Creating a Celo-fied presentation doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the following to help get you started.


  1. Determine if you will be doing a technical or non-technical talk.
  2. Copy one of the slide decks below depending on if it is technical or business. These Master Decks are where you want to start. They are the most up to date decks and allow you to have all the correct Celo layouts, formatting, and fonts.
  3. Compile your presentation. Feel free to use the Brand Kit for visuals and the Slide Decks below for guidance.
  4. Share with a friend / colleague for feedback or go onto discord and ask in #community for feedback!

Slide Decks

These slide decks are meant to be a starting point for your talk. Generally slides that are more business focused use white backgrounds while slides with more technical information use dark backgrounds.
  • Technical


Want to see how community members talk about Celo? Check out the and .