Celo Ambassador

Celo Ambassadors are active Celo community members who are passionate about building local communities around Celo’s mission of prosperity for all. They are energized to increase financial access in their local region and are connected to other organizations that share this mission.
Do you love the mission of Celo and want to be more involved? Do you want to increase financial inclusion in your local area? Become a Celo Ambassador.

Benefits of being a Celo Ambassador

  • Help shape the future of the Celo protocol
  • Be a thought leader on the future of finance
  • Connect with the cLabs team and other projects building on Celo
  • Connect with other community leaders around the world who are making a difference in creating prosperity for all
  • Dedicated Ambassador community with content, training, and best practices for becoming a community leader
  • Grow your network of local thought leaders, contributors, and changemakers
  • Become a Celo community leader
  • Opportunity to become a moderator on discord
  • Opportunity to be featured in the Community Spotlight at celo.org
  • Opportunity to be featured in the Celo newsletter

A Celo Ambassador will

  • Represent Celo in their local community
  • Share Celo with people who would benefit the most from greater financial access
  • Speak, write, or share about Celo in their local language
  • Build relationships with local organizations and communities that could benefit from Celo
  • Organize local or virtual community events that are tied to one of Celo’s 4 community tenets: Designing for all, Innovating on Money, Striving for Beauty, Embodying Humility
  • Activate their own ideas for spreading the word about Celo
  • Be active on
    • Welcome new members, answer/field questions, help create online environment reflective of community values


Celo Ambassadors are not cLabs or Celo Foundation employees, contractors, or representatives. They are independent, volunteer community members who share a passion for Celo and the mission of prosperity for all.
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