Key Imagery

Used to tell a story, key images are visual tools that bring the text to life. These images help the user comprehend the material multidimensionally. Images have descriptions that act as guidelines for both accessibility and communication clarity. Most images can have multiple meanings and we encourage the Celo community to find new culturally appropriate applications for them.

Usage & License Note
You may copy and redistribute illustrations and abstract graphics as long as you are abiding by the . You may not remix or transform them.


Illustrations show concrete ways that humans interact with an idea. They utilize current mental models to simplify a concept.
Striving for Beauty
Embodying Humility
Stacking Coins
Test Description of making Layer Cake
Innovating on Money
Design for All
Gold Winners
Inclusive Money
Mobile Penetration
Secure Network
Setting Table
Build on Celo

Abstract Graphics

Abstract Graphics are visual tools that use coins to animate an idea. They can be dynamic or static.
Operating Celo
Gold coins expanding and contracting down to a green coin
Community Ring
Coins in a ring formation of hollow coins
Roll of Coins
Coins in a row
Coins on Trail
Coins together on a path
Finding Value
Blue coin finding its value with green coin
Evolving Celo
Hollow coins evolving valuable solid coin
Unique Purpose
Celo coin elevating from stacked circular coins