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Public Sector on Celo

Whether you’re exploring options for issuance in permissioned environments
 or already processing social payments in the real world, we invite governments, agencies, and central banking authorities to get started on Celo.


Explore what’s possible when central banks and governments build on blockchain

Whitepapers & Resources


Gain insights from our engineers, economists, public policy and compliance specialists


Start testing with Provo, a free sandbox for public sector experimentation on Celo

Use Cases and Programs

See what’s possible with Celo

Central Bank Use Cases
Digital Currencies
Scalable Cross-chain Interoperability
Financial Inclusion
Policy & Stimulus
Stability Mechanisms
Managing Risk

Digital Currencies Built on Blockchain

Celo offers a variety of ways for central banks to implement digital currencies in permissioned and permissionless environments–from CBDCs to DB-CBs– Celo’s mobile-first technology creates a world where anyone has access to digital currencies from their mobile phone.
Report: Shaping the Future of Digital Currencies

Industry Partnerships

The team working on Celo is proudly engaged in pilots, committees, and working groups, all of which are focused on helping to create the conditions of prosperity–for everyone.

Value Proposition


Reduce corruption, eliminate fraud


Increase transparency, improve analytics


Smart contracts, conditional transfers


Secure, stable environment


Low-cost, high-speed  transfers


Portable, private, persistent financial identity


Access to additional financial tools and services


Build bridges for seamless cross-chain functionality


White papers

Access detailed reports and documentation about the Celo protocol, including it’s ultralight client and stability mechanism, as well as important research related to central bank digital currencies.

See White Papers

Educational Videos

Check out these short videos to learn more about stability mechanisms, interoperability, financial risk management, influencing the velocity of CBDCs, and more.


Read about some of the amazing projects, stories and possibilities built on Celo

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