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septiembre de 2021

Singapore authority announces CBDC competition finalists

by Global Government Fintech


agosto de 2021

Celo Taps Aave, Curve, Sushi and More in $100M DeFi Incentive Program

by CoinTelegraph

Celo architect Rene Reinsberg on how the upstart platform can widen access to DeFi

by The Block

How will blockchain and crypto improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people? Experts answer

by Coin Telegraph

CARE tests cryptocurrency vouchers for aid delivery in Kenya, Ecuador

by DevEx

julio de 2021

Richard Parsons Tried to Save Time Warner and AOL. Here’s What He Thinks of Today’s Deals.

by Barron's

junio de 2021

Opera Browser Adds First Stablecoins to Native Wallet – cUSD, cEUR

by Coindesk

Opera announces support for Celo stablecoins in its crypto wallet app

by Cointelegraph

Celo network users can now access Wrapped Bitcoin (cBTC) on the Ubeswap DEX

by CryptoNinjas

A16z Joins Forces With Deutsche Telekom in Staking CELO Tokens

by Coindesk

Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems MMS runs CELO blockchain staking for Andreessen Horowitz

by Ledger Insights

A16z taps Deutsche Telekom subsidiary as Celo validator

by Cointelegraph

How the Bitcoin Industry Is Responding to Wall Street’s ESG Concerns

by Coindesk

Protofire Receives Chainlink Community Grant

by The Chain Bulletin

Celo Camp Batch 3 tuvo como ganador al equipo de Coco

by Cointelegraph

First-ever Green Bitcoin Launched on Celo Blockchain

by Silicon Review

mayo de 2021

Wrapped Launches Carbon-Neutral Bitcoin Asset eBTC

by Securities.io

‘First’ Carbon-Neutral Bitcoin Asset on Celo Blockchain Launched

by BeInCrypto

Celo Hard Fork Adds Interoperability with Solana, Cosmos, NEAR

by CryptoBriefing

Donut Hardfork to improve Celo’s interoperability

by Accointing

Mapping Out Celo's Ecosystem

by The Block

abril de 2021

Deutsche Telekom invests in blockchain payments platform Celo


Lanzan Celo Euro, una stablecoin linkeada a la moneda europea

by Cointelegraph, en Español

Deutsche Telekom joins Celo remittance blockchain, which adds Euro stablecoin

by Ledger Insights

Celo Network Adds Deutsche Telekom as Partner; German Telco Buys ‘Significant’ CELO Position

by Coindesk

Deutsche Telekom invests in Celo mobile blockchain

by The Block

Deutsche Telekom invests in mobile DeFi platform Celo

by Cointelegraph

Phone Giant Deutsche Telekom Invests in Celo's Crypto Network

by Decrypt

Deutsche Telekom invests in blockchain payments platform Celo

by Reuters

Former Citigroup Chair Dick Parsons Joins Board of Celo Foundation

by Decrypt

marzo de 2021

Women Leaders in Blockchain are Good for Business

by Benzinga

febrero de 2021

The Graph to add support for Polkadot, NEAR, Solana and Celo

by The Block

Blockchain Data Indexer ‘The Graph’ to Support Polkadot, Solana, NEAR and Celo

by Coindesk

Payments Startup Celo Raises $20M From a16z, Electric Capital

by Coindesk

One day we’ll all yawn about blockchain

by Fortune

Celo Raises $20 Million as It Debuts Decentralized Venmo Competitor

by Decrypt

Celo is like 'Venmo for crypto' says Diem co-creator Morgan Beller, the stablecoin project's newest advisor

by The Block

enero de 2021

DeFi payments protocol Celo readies launch of a euro-pegged stablecoin

by The Block

noviembre de 2020

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Unhosted Wallets

by Coin Center

Celo taps Chorus One to build a bridge with Cosmos, paving the way for others

by Cointelegraph

octubre de 2020

Fundación Celo lanza su tercera convocatoria de Grants

by Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Holders Can Now Get Into Mobile-based DeFi on Celo

by Decrypt

agosto de 2020

African crypto exchange raises $1.5M from Polychain and others

by Cointelegraph

Celo Foundation is giving $1 million to blockchain companies

by Decrypt

cLabs Acquires Summa to Boost Crypto Interoperability on Celo

by Coindesk

julio de 2020

Mission and money: Three Celo validators talk staking for the Libra competitor

by Modern Consensus

Brazil’s Ailing Economy Is Helping Dollar-Pegged Stablecoins Find Traction

by Coindesk

junio de 2020

Kenya’s PesaBase Emerges Winner in the Global Celo Blockchain Inaugural Camp

by BitcoinKE

Celo Will Be 'PayPal on Speed' With Its Own Currencies, Says Blockdaemon CEO

by Cointelegraph

Andreessen’s Katie Haun Says More Libra-Like Crypto Projects to Follow

by Bloomberg

mayo de 2020

Celo mainnet launch paves way for nearly free cross-border payments

by Modern Consensus

Celo’s cLabs Launches Mainnet After Raising $40 Million

by Cointelegraph

Top Korean Blockchain Platform Joins Celo Alliance

by Cointelegraph

Celo, Bison Trails partner on straight-to-phone number payments

by Modern Consensus

BEN Joins the Celo Alliance for Prosperity to Get More People Under Financial Inclusion

by NameCoinNews

Hex Trust Joins Hands with Celo Alliance to Provide Custody Support in Asia

by CryptoNewsZ

The Celo Mobile-First Blockchain Platform and How It is Building Solutions in the African Market with Anca Rusu

by BitcoinKE

abril de 2020

Coinbase Custody To Secure Five New Crypto Assets at Launch: cGLD, FIL, KEEP, NEAR & DOT

by BitcoinExchangeGuide

Celo Developer Bootcamp Announces 18 Finalists From 15 Countries

by Cointelegraph

PayPal, Winklevoss Capital, a16z to mentor blockchain startup camp

by Decrypt

Why This Global Crisis Is a Defining Moment for Stablecoins

by Coindesk

Crypto custodian Anchorage to support storage and staking for 'Libra rival' Celo's native token

by The Block

¿Que es Celo? ¿Como funciona esta moneda estable?

by CryptoPlaza

Microsoft, Celo Back Virtual Earth Day Event From Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

by Yahoo! Finance

marzo de 2020

Libra alternative Celo Foundation gives out initial grants

by Decrypt

Why COVID-19 Stimulus Should Incorporate Digital Dollars

by Nasdaq

Celo’s Blockchain Accelerator Invites Devs to Compete for $25K

by Cointelegraph

Celo announces a new crypto alliance as it takes on Libra

by Business Insider

Members of Facebook’s Libra Are Making Contingency Plans

by Bloomberg

Libra rival Celo launches 50-member Alliance For Prosperity

by TechCrunch

Celo forms Alliance for Prosperity network to create cryptocurrency for remittances and philanthropy

by Venture Beat

febrero de 2020

Libra Minus Facebook: Why Celo Is 2020’s Buzzy Token Project

by Coindesk

julio de 2019

As Facebook Struggles For Blockchain Support, A Truly Decentralized Challenger Emerges

by Forbes

abril de 2019

Whatsapp for Money? Celo’s Solution for Financial Inclusion Will Work Even on Limited Data

by BitPinas

Startup Celo Aims to Make Crypto Accessible to Mainstream Mobile Users

by WSJ

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