Welcome to the Celo PilotsKit

Note From the Authors

Two of
Celo’s tenets
are Designing for All and Innovating on Money. In order to build a platform that is truly inclusive, user research, testing, and learning with the global community has been a part of Celo since the beginning. 
To build solutions that have meaningful impact, one must understand the users that they are building for. This PilotKit is designed for builders to design their products with these tenets in mind so that they can create products that are resonant and delightful to users.
This PilotKit is based on our experiences and shared in the spirit of open-source. Please do not consider this financial or legal advice. We’d love to hear any feedback or comments you may have about this resource.
Thank you,
Will Le, Research and Innovation, Celo Foundation James Downer, Research and Innovation, cLabs Denisse Halm, Product, cLabs Jake LeRaul, Legal, cLabs

How To Use This Kit

Celo PilotKit Phases
Running a pilot requires significant planning and execution. This Kit covers both by dividing the pilot into 4 phases. In addition, we include a section on user research so that practitioners can be sure to collect useful feedback from pilot efforts.

Pilot Phases

  1. Pre-pilot Diligence: Conducting desk research to better understand potential users, the competitive landscape, and to develop hypotheses to test further
  2. Scoping: High-level pilot design to answer align on pilot basics (who, what, when, where, why)
  3. Setup: Planning for the launch of a pilot, including creating a project plan and timelines
  4. Execution: Launching and running the pilot
II. User Research: Research should happen throughout, iteratively. Research should be baked into the design to ensure that you are collecting valuable insights from your efforts.