Welcome to the Celo EventKit

The EventKit is where individuals can learn, create, ideate and share experiences they create in their local communities both in person and online. This kit was designed to help Celo Community members create magical experiences that connect their communities to prosperity.

How to use this kit

Celo events are the fuel that create magic launching the movement of prosperity worldwide. When diverse groups of people join together around a single purpose, magic happens.
Are you passionate about Celo’s mission? Enjoy bringing people together? Want to cultivate a movement of prosperity? Consider organizing a Celo event.
The EventKit is a tool that will help guide you through your events. Think of it as a living, breathing document that is continuously evolving as new ideas and gifts come forward from the community. When we support each other in learning and growing we all prosper. We encourage you to add any ideas you have by making suggestions, edits and comments throughout the following documents.

Brand Voice

Words matter. Celo’s brand voice sounds as if you are writing or speaking to a friend. When writing and talking about Celo, please review the
Celo Brand Voice.