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Meet the Celo dApps designed with real users in mind

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Manage your Celo assets


  • Works on iOS and Android

  • Supports phone numbers as addresses

Celo Wallet

  • Works on desktop

  • Supports Ledger and staking

Celo Terminal

  • Works on desktop

  • Supports Ledger and staking


  • Works on Chrome, iOS*, and Android*

  • Works with Ledger


  • Works on iOS and Android


  • Works on desktop and Android

Celo assets also available in crypto exchange wallets including
CoinbaseCoinbase ProBinanceCoinList OK Coin

DeFi on Celo

Provide liquidity, earn rewards


Mobile-first decentralized exchange democratizing access to DeFi for all


Mobile-first platform for borrowing and lending assets on Celo

Causes powered by Celo

Enable prosperity for all and donate cUSD to causes around the world


Donate cUSD to Universal Basic Income recipients


Offset your carbon footprint with cMC02 in Ubeswap


Raise funds and support causes important to you with cUSD

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