The combination of Celo’s address-based encryption system and its stable-value tokens will enable a rich ecosystem of applications, but we are particularly excited about the following early use cases:
Cash Transfers To Alleviate Poverty
Studies have shown that cash transfer programs have a positive impact on populations plagued by extreme poverty. However, the cost associated with delivering this form of aid remains high due to lack of reliable identity and financial infrastructure as well as fraud and corruption. Billions of people remain unbanked and/or without a formal, legal identity and hence without a path towards prosperity. With Celo, anyone has access to a mobile wallet to receive payments.
If you and/or your organization would like to learn more about our cash transfer mechanisms, please reach out.
Social Payments
In the US, apps like Venmo and Square’s Cash app make it easy to pay a friend back for lunch. In many parts of the world, a similar experience does not exist in the local market. Celo makes it easy to send fiat-pegged digital payments to any mobile phone anywhere, in a censorship resistant manner.
If you and/or your organization is interested in developing social payments applications or would like to discuss mobile money solutions, please reach out.
Get Paid To Participate
Celo aims to be the world’s first truly accessible mobile cryptocurrency. Anyone with an Android smartphone can earn Celo currency into existence.
Today, “mining” cryptocurrencies typically requires specialized hardware, technical expertise and an electricity budget that make cryptocurrencies inaccessible to a large portion of the world’s population. Instead, Celo rewards users for powering its phone verification service by using a user’s excess phone plan capacity. As cryptocurrencies are becoming an integral part of the global financial infrastructure, we not only want to provide the best possible tools to manage and transfer funds but also make access to cryptocurrency itself easier.
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真金不怕火煉|True gold fears no fire
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