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What if money were beautiful?


Our mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity—for everyone.

Celo Foundation

Believes in a future where everyone can prosper

The Celo Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the US that supports the growth and development of the open-source Celo Platform. Guided by the Celo community tenets, the Foundation contributes to education, technical research, environmental health, community engagement, and ecosystem outreach—activities that support and encourage an inclusive financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone.


Celo, pronounced /ˈtselo/
means ‘purpose’ in Esperanto.

The spirit of Esperanto and auxiliary languages, is to equip speakers with a means to connect, engage, and build trust with someone who speaks a different native tongue. In a similar spirit, we are aiming to create a new platform to connect people globally and bring financial stability to those who need it most. We believe blockchain technology is one of the most exciting innovations in recent history and as a team we look to push the boundaries of what is possible with it today. More importantly, we are driven by purpose – to solve real-world problems such as lack of access to sound currency, or friction for cash-transfer programs aimed to alleviate poverty.

Celo Values

Celo is founded on two core values: unique purpose and connectedness. These, in turn, lead to practices that foster personal growth and community.

Unique Purpose

We believe that everyone has their own unique path of growth, and that personal fulfilment depends in large part on being able to reach one’s potential along that path. We embrace values that enable people to grow towards their full potential.


We believe that people live primarily in connection to one another. We recognize that individuals are healthier and happier when they are members of a strong social community with meaningful relationships – that is, when they are living within a healthy and happy whole. We embrace values that strengthen community.
How do we change the world? Change the story.
– Charles Eisenstein

Sacred Economics

Celo’s philosophy is grounded in the work of Charles Eisenstein’s .

Theory Of Change

A theory of change is a framework that describes how short-term actions will lead to long-term social impact. Celo’s aim is to create the conditions for prosperity, defined as: people fulfilling basic needs, growing along their own unique paths, and supporting each other. All of Celo’s projects have a specific hypothesis that tie our activities to one or more of these indicators of prosperity.


Meet the contributors working on Celo from around the world. Our collective experience ranges from public and private sector, technology, nonprofits, and NGOs.
Amy Slawson
cLabs, Engineering
Actualizes positive impact
David Riascos
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Support intangible values in people
Silas Boyd-Wickizer
cLabs, Advisor
Empowers validators
Gastón Ponti
cLabs, Protocol
Knocks down walls
Dimitri De Jonghe
Keyko, Validator Experience
Thinks outside of the circle
Jackie Bona
cLabs, Growth
Sparks ideas, spurs growth
Anna Kazlauskas
cLabs, Engineering
Builds for all
Brynly Llyr
cLabs, Legal
Advocates and educates
Erin Hales
cLabs, Apps
Builds a better future
Angelica Valle Aguilera
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Shares decentralized ways of living
Lucas Ege
cLabs, Protocol
Interprets complexity
Joshua Gutow
cLabs, Protocol Engineering
Seeks understanding
Mariano Cortesi
cLabs, Protocol
Reflects on life's mysteries
Alec Schaefer
cLabs, Protocol
Builds equitable systems
Maggie Valentine
cLabs, Product Design
Creates inclusive experiences
Adriana Cerundolo
cLabs, Experience
Builds community
Anca Bogdana Rusu
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Brings people together
Laurence Delisle
cLabs, Experience
Empowers others through connection
Bogdan Radu Dumitru
cLabs, Protocol Engineer
Builds tools that enable change
Cody Born
cLabs, Protocol
Improves social structures
Deepak Nuli
MultiSig, Security
Builds secure systems
Victor Graf
cLabs, Protocol
Builds foundational systems
Jason Rudianto
cLabs, Protocol
Protocol & Economics
Charlotte Schmiegel
cLabs, Operations
Converts ideas into action
Charles Eisenstein
cLabs, Advisor
Inspires sacred economies
Michael Straka
cLabs, Cryptography
Builds and learns
Taylor Lahey
cLabs, Experience
Tells visual stories
James Downer
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth / Fellow
Gets hands dirty
Jai Ramaswamy
cLabs, Legal
Advocates for values-based technology
Daniel Kimotho
CLabs, Ecosystem Growth - Kenya
Helps others succeed
Meltem Sendag
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth, Turkey
Creates magical moments
Oluwashina Peter
Clabs, Growth
Gets people to believe
Barbara Liau
cLabs, Engineering - Developer Experience
Creates pathways and connections
Kevin Jue
cLabs, Engineering
Builds platforms to enable prosperity for all
Corey Lee
cLabs, Product Design
Designs interactions
Aliu Musa
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Makes positive impact
Fernando Bresslau
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Works towards fair finance
Marek Olszewski
cLabs, Engineering
Builds technical teams
Judy Piper
cLabs, Engineering
Enables engineering learning and growth
Isabelle Wei
cLabs, Engineering
Builds impactful products
Connor McEwen
cLabs, Engineering
Creates products and teams
Markus Franke
cLabs, Economics
Makes economics work
Dominique Liau
cLabs, Product
Enriches experiences & unites beauty and simplicity
Denisse Halm
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Delivers financial equity
Sep Kamvar
cLabs, Engineering
Builds things with purpose
Eran Tromer
cLabs, Advisor
Innovates in cryptography
Rene Reinsberg
cLabs, Business
Paints the vision
Tong Wang
cLabs, Engineering
J M Rossy
cLabs, Applications Engineering
Pursues excellence in craftsmanship
William Le
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Brings innovation to market
Dan Race
cLabs, Advisor
Communicates the vision
Martín Volpe
cLabs, Engineering
Brings great products to life
Vanessa Slavich
cLabs, Experience
Designs for equity
Nam Chu Hoai
cLabs, Protocol
Highlights beauty
Trevor Porter
cLabs, Protocol
Explores technical systems
Jean Regisser
cLabs, Applications
Unfolds intentions
Michelle Edwards
cLabs, People & Finance
Enhances community through operational excellence
Xochitl Cazador
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Helps communities prosper
Tannr Allard
cLabs, Developer Experience
Builds for the BUIDLers
Gabrielle Micheletti
cLabs, Experience / Fellow
Shapes beautiful prosperity
Jason Rodrigues
cLabs, Fellow
Empowers the next billion
Jonathan Chuang
cLabs, Engineering & Cryptography
Creates new possibilities
Naval Ravikant
cLabs, Advisor
Digests the future
Ivan Sorokin
cLabs, Engineering
Builds meaningful products
Michael Zhang
cLabs, Advisor
Creates financial models
Yaliwe Soko
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Impacts lives through positive contribution
Crystal Widjaja
cLabs, Growth
Provides access & opportunity
Valentin Rodygin
cLabs, Application
Crafts simplicity
Brian Mayote
cLabs, Finance and Accounting
Sees beyond the numbers
Chuck Kimble
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Connects people
Or Neeman
cLabs, Protocol
Strives for simplicity
Alexander Harley
cLabs, Engineering
Advances privacy first applications
Nitya Subramanian
cLabs, Product
Builds for impact
Asa Oines
cLabs, Protocol
Learns from nature
Pedro Gutiérrez
Keyko, Engineering
Makes the impossible
Elad Gil
cLabs, Advisor
Helps startups
Roman Croessmann
cLabs, Protocol & Economics
Seeks insights that empower
Eric Cristobal
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Helps people
Marissa Florant
cLabs, People
Believes in your potential
Niko Veatch
cLabs, Recruiting
Nurtures careers
Nadiem Sissouno
cLabs, Protocol & Economics
Seeks clarity
Aaron DeRuvo
cLabs, Experience + Applications
Integrates Mystic and Modern
Jose Orlicki
cLabs, Protocol & Economics
Builds transparent stablecoins
Kobi Gurkan
cLabs, Cryptography
Increases integrity using math
Natalya Thakur
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth / Fellow
Creates frameworks for the future through design thinking
Robert Paul
cLabs, Information Security
Commands the command line
Tomer Weiss
Upright, Acceleration Programs
Makes people the best version of themselves
Evan Kereiakes
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Implements the vision
Claire Belmont

cLabs, Protocol
Empowers people to create a beautiful world
Emily Williams
cLabs, Protocol
Enabling a p2p world
Ezechiel Copic
cLabs, Ecosystem Growth
Engages official sector
Audrey Penven
cLabs, Engineering
Strives to expand what's possible
Psi Vesely
cLabs, Cryptography
Hacks the planet (for good)
Nelson Taveras
cLabs, Engineering
Dares to try
Gonzalo Nardini
cLabs, Applications
Builds the future
Martin Chrzanowski
cLabs, Protocol
Plays with languages
Jake Leraul
cLabs, Legal
Follows his zk-purpose
Yorke Rhodes IV
cLabs, Protocol
Builds ethically optimistic tech
James Prestwich
Summa, Engineering
Secures the ecosystem
Alon Shavit
Upright, Acceleration Programs
Undos the Industrial Revolution
Tarik Bellamine
cLabs, Applications
Builds for people
Zaki Manian
Iqlusion, Validating / Protocol
Works towards sovereign interoperable blockchains
Tim Moreton
cLabs, Engineering
Dreams, ships, iterates
Umar Sebyala
cLabs, Ecosystem growth
Gets people involved
Alex Witt
cLabs, Finance
Enables borderless financial inclusion
Josh Crites
cLabs, Developer Relations
Shares understanding

Early Backers

Celo is supported by over 80 companies and individuals, including prominent venture funds, C-level operators, academics, and experts across a wide range of fields, including in no particular order
Reid Hoffman
Jack Dorsey
Naval Ravikant
Casey Neistat
Arianna Simpson
Tanguy Chau
Elad Gil
Keisuke Honda
Kilowatt Capital
Julia Popowitz
Linda Xie
Vijay Pandurangan
R&R Ventures
Nitesh Banta
Warren Hogarth
Curious Endeavors

Press and Media

For media inquiries, please contact us at .
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